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Bridge Community Bank Chooses Open Payment Network to Offer Instant Payments to Customers

OPNs interoperability with TCH RTP serves as the cornerstone of the new capability.

February 15, 2022 (Pleasant Grove, Utah) – Open Payment Network (OPN), the provider of a secure technology platform that enables instant payments anytime, anywhere, today announced it has launched its first pilot program with Bridge Community Bank to enable bank customers to send and receive payments instantly via TCH RTP.

“Understanding the needs of our customers is critical to the services we offer, and faster access to funds is a primary focus,” said Bob Steen, CEO, Bridge Community Bank. “Working with OPN and TCH gives us the opportunity to achieve that goal while also supporting our FedNow Pilot efforts.”

Because of OPNs interoperability with RTP® developed by The Clearing House (TCH), customers will be able to take advantage of instant payments within the FedNow Pilot program. OPN is underway with TCH RTP certification in parallel with its solution development for Bridge Community Bank.

“With TCH RTP certified interoperability, OPN will deliver on the promise of instant payments,” said OPN Founder and CEO Bradley Wilkes. “Bridge Community Bank has been a visionary in helping us develop the right solution and work with the right players, like TCH, from the very beginning.”

About Bridge Community Bank

Bridge Community Bank is an employee-owned community bank established in 1903. Serving our customers and communities in East Central Iowa is our core mission. In addition to offering standard banking services from deposit account, IRA, CDs, business products, commercial & personal loans, and mortgage loans Bridge Community Bank is committed to providing the best that banking technology can offer. Our mobile banking app and, P2P payments offerings are now joined by the investment made into joining the RTP network and real-time payments.

About Open Payment Network

Open Payment Network™ (OPN) helps financial institutions attract and retain more customers and stay ahead of the competition by enabling them to deliver instant payments anytime, anywhere. By connecting to OPN’s secure technology platform, financial institutions become the gateway for instant payments via Internet and mobile device. The OPN platform integrates with existing core systems and moves payment value and associated data in real-time for immediate settlement. Financial institutions can provide access to the OPN API so business customers, fintech developers and internal teams can create applications such as instant mortgage payments, payroll processing, and peer-to-peer payments. Visit www.openpaymentnetwork.us.

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