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Instant Payments,
Anytime, Anywhere

OPN helps financial institutions stay relevant in today’s environment by serving as the network operator for instant payments on the TCH-RTP or the FedNow networks. Financial institutions can connect to OPN’s secure platform and offer their customers instant payments while still working with their core system. With these next generation instant payment services, financial institutions can compete successfully in today’s digital world.

The Digital Dilemma

People today expect to take care of most of their day-to-day tasks online or with an app on their phone. Making payments is no exception. Technology innovators, tech giants and Internet-only banks have entered the payments arena and eroded the market share of traditional financial institutions. To compete, financial institutions need a quick and efficient way to transform themselves into payment innovators.

The OPN Answer

With OPN, financial institutions quickly become cutting edge instant payment leaders, add new revenue streams, and exceed customer expectations. By adding real-time payments, financial institutions enable customers to:

  • Run payroll as often as they want
  • Make disbursements instantly and on demand
  • Benefit from improved, instant bill-pay capability
  • Automate payments within their business operations

How Does OPN do it?

  • Allows for simultaneous message transmission and settlement
  • Interoperates with TCH-RTP and FedNow in a single connection
  • Provides financial institutions with an API for their developers
  • Offers directory services, consolidated reporting and fraud controls

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