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Open Payment Network Partners with Atris Technology to Bring CORE Connectivity to the OPN Instant Payment Platform

Partnership Provides Final Link between Bank Systems and Fed Now, TCH-RTP


PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, Mar 15, 2023 — Open Payment Network (OPN) and Atris Technology today announced a partnership that provides OPN banking customers with the ability to integrate instant payments into their CORE systems. This deeper connectivity enables instant payments to become a ubiquitous offering for OPN banking customers.

“We are extremely happy to bring our integration expertise to OPN,” said Atris Technology Sales Director Scott McElhiney. “This allows financial institutions of any size to better meet the needs of their customers who increasingly expect immediate access to their funds.”

With the addition of Atris Technology, OPN’s connection with banks and Fed Now/TCH-RTP becomes much stronger and more streamlined, enabling them to process payments more efficiently and handle funds transfers more seamlessly.

“Working with Atris has accelerated the pace at which banks can implement instant payments,” said OPN CEO Bradley Wilkes. “This marks a key milestone in banking as financial institutions can more quickly move to instant payments with less risk to their core operation.”


About Atris 

Atris Technology is a provider of software automation and managed services that enable clients to successfully compete in the rapidly changing financial marketplace. Key solutions include teller image capture, real-time EFT processing, core data and item processing, and comprehensive managed services for data security and business continuity. Atris is headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, serving clients nationwide. Visit http://www.atris.com.


About Open Payment Network 

Open Payment Network™ (OPN) is a payment network operator that interoperates with TCH-RTP and FedNow, enabling financial institutions and app developers to offer instant payments to their customers. Through its unique technology, OPN moves payment value and associated data in real-time for immediate settlement. By connecting to OPN’s secure technology, financial institutions can offer customers instant payments via the Internet and mobile device without needing to overhaul their core system. With OPN’s API, financial institutions can stay competitive by developing new instant payment applications, such as instant mortgage payments, instant payroll funds transfers, and instant P2P payments. Visit www.openpaymentnetwork.us today. 

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